Equal Opportunities

Total Decorating Solutions (TDS) provides services in an industry which is predominantly a male environment. We have 80 employees across East Anglia with approximately 18% of our operatives from a non white/English background.

The opportunity to employ the non-traditional trades person is still the exception rather than the rule in our region, but TDS actively look for the opportunity to take advantage of diversity opportunities.

Women and men valued equally
Pay and benefits at TDS are equal, where everyone is treated fairly. In the event that someone feels they are not being treated fairly, they have access to senior managers, who will openly discuss without fear of reprisals.

Fair treatment
Women and men get fair treatment, regardless of their sex. Discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated within the company, or by our suppliers.

Equal choice
When women and men apply for similar jobs, there are no stereotypes about ‘traditional’ roles – so there are no jobs it’s unusual for a woman or a man to do.

Equal power
Women – in their full diversity – are as likely as men to be in positions of power.

Equal expectations
Men and women in our organization can expect to be treated with respect to their sex or orientation. If someone feels they have been unfairly treated in any way, they will receive the full backing of the company.

Equal opportunities
TDS gives identical opportunity to applications for employment within the group and the same opportunity for progress and advancement once employed. It is our intention to understand and respond to the national statistics in our ethnic mix of employees.