Environmental Policy

At Total Decorating Solutions (TDS) we recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and we are committed to analysing every aspect of our business in terms of impact on the environment and taking positive action.

We endeavor to ensure that all our activities are compliant with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and that the principals of the Kyoto Protocol are adhered to where appropriate.

To ensure a prosperous, healthy and sustainable future for everyone – including our children and our children’s children – we need to use resources wisely. TDS encourages all employees to participate fully and positively in its environmental policy. This policy is a genuine commitment to improving our working practises, with the intent of providing a cleaner and more responsible attitude toward materials, waste and noise.

Our goal is to achieve continuous environmental improvement. We will comply with all current legislation and, where possible, act in anticipation of future environmental legislation.

We are committed to continuous review, evaluation and improvement of our programme. This includes setting targets, and monitoring and reporting on progress towards meeting them.

Our Environmental policy is endorsed by our Managing Director, and is communicated to all our employees and made available to our suppliers. This policy is reviewed annually and updated where necessary. It forms the basis for setting environmental improvement objectives that influence the way we do business.